Dr. Marcus Thomé talks about surgical center

Dr. Marcus Thomé explains the importance of surgical procedures being performed in hospital settings, more specifically in a surgical...

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What is the best age to perform the first plastic surgery?

According to Dr. Marcus Thomé, one of the main doubts regarding plastic surgery is how old he can perform...

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Abdominoplasty associated with liposuction

According to Dr. Marcus Thomé, abdominoplasty is indicated for patients who have accumulated abdominal fat in the frontal, lateral...

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Winter, the best time of year to perform plastic surgery

Winter is the season of the year that most plastic surgery is performed in southern...

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What is the difference between facelift and minimally invasive procedures?

The face lift, known as the famous face surgery, is composed of different techniques, but it is essential to...

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How long should surgery intensify my workouts?

Having a plastic surgery, the idea of intensifying the training becomes important, especially for the one that makes a...

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In the postoperative, how long should you wait to resume physical activities?

In the postoperative period, the idea of ??resuming physical activities, be it crossfit, or any activity performed in a...

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Who will do plastic surgery, do you need to do exercises?

If you already perform some physical activity, your rectus abdominis muscle, underneath this fat cover that is hiding it,...

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Tips for enjoying the summer with health

With the arrival of summer care should be intensified to preserve and keep the body healthy. For those who...

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[New] Silicone prosthesis with chip

The world of plastic surgery is renewed year after year, and when we talk about breast implant, the latest...

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October Rosa - Fight against breast cancer

Breast cancer is the second most common type of tumor in the world and the most common among women,...

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Why is spring the best time to perform surgery?

Brazil is the country that most performs surgeries, followed by the United States. Among the most performed procedures are:...

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